A MOO Point..

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“..It’s like a cow’s opinion…It’s moo.”
– Joey, from Friends

Oh how I love Friends. Anyway, I know everyone is talking about their Moo cards from flickr, but I have some too and I wanna be in the club.

I ordered a batch of cards from our wedding photos and they are just good old fashion fun. With the panoramic crop its like a whole new set of images. People ask me what I plan to do with them. Um, I don’t know…I haven’t thought that far ahead. I just knew I had to have some.


What’s Cuter

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Than 1 Golden Retriever, 1 Yellow Lab, 1 Blue Lacy and 1 Pug in the back of a classic Land Cruiser?

Not much.

Now only one of these is ours (the dark one). The other three belong to our friends Kasey and Tarah, and this is from our wine tasting trip last weekend. Santa Barbara has some amazing wines, and it was a treat to make a day of tasting a few of them. If you ever make it to this area, you must visit the tasting rooms in Los Olivos and Solvang. Call me up, I’ll give you some recommendations.

It was a good weekend

February 15, 2007 at 2:20 pm | Posted in Family Life | 2 Comments

Last weekend we were very fortunate to have some of the coolest people at our house for the weekend: Our good friends Dan & Megan with their sweet boys, and Faith & Ryan. Here’s a glimpse of what we did:

nordin boys
Taped pennies to the train tracks and waited for the trains to smash them. Out of 11 we found 2. Not bad.

maisy & bennet
Gave Maisy A LOT of love. A lot a lot a lot.

Walked on the windy beach:

dan & megan
Dan & Megan

faith & ryan
Faith & Ryan

Us girls also snuck away to shop in Santa Barbara, and hit the antique stores in downtown Ventura. Meg also gave me the cutest apron from Anthropologie, then when we were shopping on Saturday I found the mini version – It was too perfect, I had to have it. So hopefully I’ll have a little girl someday and we can bake in our matching aprons. Aw……..

blue apron

We also barbecued delicious carne asada (thanks Ryan) and ate really yummy food the entire weekend. I wanted to take more photos, but I’m quickly learning that it’s difficult to be full time hostess and full time photographer simultaneously. I have this thing where I want every event in my life to look like it belongs in House & Garden or Martha Stewart. Makes things a little stressful, but I just need to let go and enjoy the time more. And someday I’ll hire a photographer to follow us around all weekend for our magazine spread : )

Maisy & Me

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Ever read the book Marley & Me? Well lately our puppy Maisy is giving Marley a run for his money. Today she chewed up her second pen this week. Just picture a PILOT Precise V5 Rolling Ball Extra Fine in BLACK all over your living room carpet. It actually hurts.

On my way to throw out the roll of paper towels I used to clean up this mess I found a package from Amazon on my doorstep. Those are always fun. At least now I have something pretty to look at while the carpets are being cleaned tomorrow.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. I made some cards for a swap that I will post later today…until then think happy thoughts : )

Everyone, Meet my Mom

February 9, 2007 at 5:21 pm | Posted in Family Life, My Home | 2 Comments

My mom has been sewing since I can remember. And at some point, she started her own slipcover business that she ran out of the garage. She had 4 kids, homeschooled a few of us at different times AND worked in the garage whenever she wasn’t cleaning, schooling, driving, homework helping, cooking, etc… She would pay for private school with her income, or buy us new school clothes or just helped out with the overall household expenses.

The point of me telling you all this is to say how AWESOME she is, and to show you a few pics she sent me from her new sewing room, which is now in the house since we’ve recently had a few more children fly the coop. Now its just the Little One and Max, the dog. She sent me these and I just thought I would share:

Mom’s Sewing Room   Doll Dresser Detail


One of her sewing machines, and a chair that she covered, of course.  A little doll dresser (my mom likes little things) that she keeps something in. Mom,what are those?

And finally, here is a photo I found the other day:

Raya’s baby photo

and here is the white kitty today (sans dress)..still on my bed after 28 years : )

white cat

I love you mom!

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