Detail Oriented

February 21, 2007 at 9:49 am | Posted in My Home, rayaphotography | 3 Comments

diamond chairI look at home magazines often and sometimes wonder if our home will ever be pretty enough to be photographed.

Before we moved, I had this vision of accomplishing everything on our list in the first week of ownership. People laughed, and quickly I learned that no – that is not going to happen. And here were are over a year later with baseboards uncaulked, crown molding unfinished, and a list of “to dos” longer than when we started. However, this is all to say that I’ve acquired some new inspiration for photographing my home despite its “unfinished” state.

After looking at this blog, I’ve realized that the smaller pieces of your home can make really interesting images. I had some fun with this yesterday, and I if you are so inclined I encourage you to try this yourself. Even if you have a point-and-shoot camera, find some good light (usually early morning or afternoon. Indirect light from a window makes for very nice photos) and an interesting composition. I now have my camera out all day and if something catches my eye around the house I take a picture of it.

guest room


I’m looking forward to creating this series of vignettes around our home, and if you try this I’d love to see what you come up with as well : )


Impromptu Photo Session

February 19, 2007 at 9:52 pm | Posted in rayaphotography | 2 Comments

Photos from a quick photo session with up-and-coming music artist Brett Young. He just finished his first EP, produced by our friend Jim, and while they were up here at the studio we did these new promotional shots. These are just a few of my favorites, but click on Brett’s name to see more photos and hear his new songs.

Baby Cael

February 13, 2007 at 4:23 pm | Posted in rayaphotography | 3 Comments

Two weeks ago I got to meet the newest addition to Sture and Amanda’s family (my good friends and Faith’s brother and sister-in-law). We visited them in Phoenix, AZ and as a photographer it is hard to leave the camera at home when I know I’m going to be spending time with babies. Here is one of my favorite photos from the day – such a beautiful boy at only 8 days old.

Baby Cael

click here to see the slide show

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